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A lack of information disempowers African voters, resulting in poor turnout at elections and little active involvement in the political cycle. Without reliable information about electoral candidates and their policies, voters cannot make informed choices.

MyCandidate is a groundbreaking platform that has been successfully implemented in South Africa (2019), Kenya (2022), and Nigeria (2023) during their respective elections, with over a million unique users, millions of impressions and deep impact stories. This innovative solution has improved the way citizens engage with the electoral process. By aggregating and presenting candidate data in an accessible and reliable manner, MyCandidate has empowered voters with vital information to make informed choices during elections.

In each country, the platform provided citizens with comprehensive profiles of candidates, including political party affiliations and other background information.

The success of MyCandidate in these countries can be attributed to its ability to bridge the information gap between voters and candidates. By providing a consolidated and user-friendly platform, MyCandidate has enhanced the democratic experience, promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement in the electoral process.

How We Partner

Open Cities Lab is a non-profit organisation that creates tools and interventions that strengthen capacity within government, empowers people and improves trust and accountability in the civic space.

We have partnered with local organisations to  bring MyCandidate to several African countries, and we are excited about the impact it has made in promoting citizen engagement and transparency in elections. As we continue to expand MyCandidate to more African countries, we are actively seeking opportunities for collaboration and partnerships to further amplify the reach and impact of MyCandidate. If you share our vision and are interested in collaborating or expanding MyCandidate to your country, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Together, we can make a difference in promoting citizen participation and democratic governance across Africa.